The new industrial company started its business at the end of 2013 with a reliable and ambitious strategic plan: to retrieve the history of a glorious company, such as Barsanti Macchine Spa, and start again with new ideas and more advanced management methods

The Company shareholders, by joining the large and well-established international financial and management experience to a strong passion for systems and machines for stone, benefit  the experience handed down from generation to generation in the construction of machines for marble, granite and stone and rely to the collaboration of a high level team in the Technical, Sales, Production, Administrative fields.

The positive direction  undertaken until today,  during which we have faced and overcome adversity and several complexity has anyway confirmed the validity of the choice of the initiative taken by the shareholders to promote investments on machines for processing of marble and granite, strengthening their  will to continue to expand this investment with industrial concepts

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Barsanti is not just a name, now it is a brand that after 100 years of history is capable of preceding the future.

Our Machines thanks to its highly specialized and quality technology, are able to respond to the exact needs of customers offering a completely customized range of services for processing any kind of natural stone.

Our engineers are working to meet the customers’ needs, providing high-performance products and establishing profitable relationships.

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A.M.I.Co. is an intelligent electronic device for the control and management of machines / lines / plants for processing of marbles, granites and natural stones and widely for composite materials. The device consists of a microcomputer containing the dedicated software to which are connected the devices for monitoring, for data acquisition and man/machine interaction besides the necessary interfaces to connect it wired and /or wireless  to the local and global nets.


Phone: +39 0585 608 1 r.a. – Fax +39 0585 608 901

Head Offices: Via Dorsale 23/B, 54100 Massa - Italia

Factory: Apuania Parco Produttivo Lotto 34, 54100 Massa - Italia